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SAG10. Feature-rich for improved sag and tension accuracy

Sag and Tension Calculation with Creep

  • Inclined Span Calculations
  • Stringing Sag Tables using Initial or Final Conditions
  • Offset Clipping
  • Clash Analysis for ADSS Conductors
  • Ability to create Problem Files that can be saved and opened
  • Customizable defaults
  • Automatic creep check
  • Standard Light, Medium and Heavy loading tables that you can edit
  • Selectable NESC, REA and California tension limits, or create your own
  • Customizable temperature range for sag tension output
  • Extensive database of commonly used conductors and their properties
  • Automatic stress-strain chart selection
  • Problem output designates inputs
  • Graphic output of galloping ellipses and sag curves
  • Calculations incorporating marker ball and spoiler additions
  • Capability to model Spacer Cable systems and Twisted Pair (VR® and T-2®) conductors
  • Ruling Span calculator
  • Custom stress-strain chart editor

PLUS, Southwire SAG10 includes these New features:

  • New User Friendly Conductor Selector and Editor
    The improved Conductor Selection area allows for easier creation and removal of customized conductors.
  • Customizable Default Options
    The improved Options area allows the user to customize and save software input and output options.
  • Reduced Root Failures
    As designers push conductors further out in the loading curves, root failures during the sag tension calculation can become a problem.  Southwire has improved the calculation algorithms to reduce the occurrence of these failures.
  • Updated User’s Manual
    The SAG10 user’s manual has been updated and expanded to provide more of the information you need to get the most from your investment.