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Southwire's New OEM Division Catalog

Making It Easy to Navigate Your Needs  

Southwire's OEM Division is introducing its version II product catalog. With a newly reformatted layout and updated content, the publication is receiving rave reviews for its efficiency and bredath of product.

Structured into six sections for quick reference, the new layout allows for easy naviation. Topic headings include the following: equipment wiring, cord, automotive, copper rod, aluminum rod and technical information.

Under the equipment wire heading, users will find single conductor products of copper and aluminum, multi-conductors, MC Cable and specialty wiring. The cord section provides information on Southwire's wide selection of TPE, plastic, rubber, industrial and specialty cords. Products like GPT, SXL, SGT, booster cable, trailer cable and brake cable can be found undet the automotive section. The Copper Rod section provides information on continuous cast copper rod while the Aluminum Rod chapter details different types of alloys. Last, is the technical section. This area provides information such as chemical resistance, fittings, temperature conversion, voltage drop, military specifcation, sampling of UL's Appliance Wiring Material (AWM) style numbers and the glossary.

Order your new Southwire OEM Division catalog today. Contact Mindy Whaley at 1-800-955-4590 or view it online at http://www.southwire.com/.