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Push or Pull, PowerGlide™ Cables Go In Easier


Reducing cable friction in conduit can speed installations and reduce costs

Now there's an easier way to install either 600V UD or medium-voltage (MV) in HDPE or PVC conduit systems. You can get faster installations, reduce pulling operations, and cut overall job costs with PowerGlide 600V UD and MV cables from Southwire.

PowerGlide 600V UD reduces friction, uses less lube "PowerGlide 600V UD is a patent-pending product engineered with Glide Wire Technology to help 600V UD cables slide through empty ducts with less friction," says Michael Tribble, Underground Protected Products Manager.

The PowerGlide Glide Wire reduces cable surface area that touches the conduit wall. You'll receive longer push installations using less effort and less lube - or no lube at all. In some cases, utilities can now push up to 200 feet by hand.

PowerGlide 600V UD reduces or eliminates lube costs, cleanup time, and the potential for lube spills. Faster installations and easier cable upgrades equals lower labor costs. Reduced contact with debris or sharp edges within the duct may lengthen system life.

The PowerGlide Glide Wire also keeps twisted conductors from separating and "bird-caging" during installation. This allows some utilities to specify smaller duct sizes and lower the up-front installation costs.

PowerGlide MV simplifies installation, cuts project costs

PowerGlide MV cable features an enhanced cable jacket with lubrication spread through the entire jacket," says Ron Burchfield, Marketing and Product Manager. Like the 600V UD product, the MV cable slides through ducts with less friction and with less lube, or with no lube at all. You can get lower labor costs while still using a known, industry-proven MV cable construction.

Pushing PowerGlide cables can save money over pulling traditional cables

PowerGlide MV cable installed without lube is comparable to pulling standard MV cable with lube. When used with lube, PowerGlide MV cable allows longer pulls than standard MV cables with lube. Longer pulls may allow manholes to be spaced further apart, significantly reducing total project costs.

"With PowerGlide MV, you can get faster installations, leading to lower labor costs and improved cable reliability," says Burchfield.