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Système MV Aérien Couvert

In a Covered Aerial MV System (formerly called Spacer Cable), spacers hold three MV phase conductors in close approximation. The spacers are suspended from a high-strength messenger wire. Covered Aerial MV (CAMV) cable itself is a single aluminum conductor protected by a layer of track-resistant polyethylene. These non-shielded, covered conductors are handled like bare conductors during installation and operation. Have you been looking for a highly reliable, community-friendly solution?

Increased reliability cuts maintenance costs
Running inconspicuously through a community park or down a tree-lined boulevard, Covered Aerial MV Systems (CAMV) can reduce outages compared to bare-wire ACSR installations. CAMV circuits show higher reliability because the conductor cover reduces momentaries during contact with tree branches. Higher reliability means you spend less money per pole on maintenance, and your total distribution system life-cycle costs drop.

Put more power in existing rights-of-way
CAMV's compact construction lets you put more power down existing rights-of-way. Suspend two CAMV configurations back to back on a 14" bracket and you can double the circuits - and available power - going into an area. Wherever clearance is tight, CAMV can simplify distribution design while achieving higher reliability.

Dramatically cut vegetation management costs
Tree contact is the single largest cause of both momentary and sustained customer interruptions in most of the country. Managing vegetation to avoid conductor contact is an expensive, recurring maintenance operation. CAMV offers a vegetation management breakthrough. If a tree limb brushes a CAMV cable, the conductor covering has the electrical strength to limit momentaries. Tighter clearances may be allowed in some instances, resulting in less frequent trimming.

Get complete Covered Aerial MV Systems from Southwire
Improved reliability, community goodwill, lower vegetation management costs and reduced storm maintenance make CAMV a natural choice for energy distribution. What's keeping you from switching to Covered Aerial MV?