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Special Services

Enhance Installation Productivity with Southwire’s Eight Customer Service Centers
Products when and where you need them with the ability to provide special services – all with-in 24 hours of any job site.

Strategically located across North America, Southwire’s distribution centers, covering over 3,000,000 square feet, can fill all your wire and cable needs. That means your entire wire and cable BOM on one truck, sent right to a warehouse, job site or distribution center within 24 hours.

Southwire’s service centers also provide several special services like cut to length parallel reels and special tagging for staging at the job site. Each service center runs 24 hours a day, seven day’s a week to provide round-the-clock service for your job.

You tell us how you need the product delivered - cut to length, color conductors parallel on one reel, with pulling heads attached or specially marked reels – WE CAN DO IT ALL FOR YOU.

Savings Oppurtunities

Saving money is important these days, and it’s not only the efficiencies of the actual product, but also the labor that can offer the contractor cost savings. Labor productivity is the greatest opportunity for total installation savings. One of the best ways to positively impact labor efficiencies on a wire pull is to order your commercial and industrial wire and cable cut to length and when applicable, paralleled on one reel.

Taking advantage of Southwire’s SIMpull SolutionsSM can offer you those money saving efficiencies. The foundation for SIMpull Solutions is Southwire’s patented SIM Technology®, which reduces required installation force and eliminates the need for applying lubricant to pull conductors through conduit. SIMpull SolutionsSM also eliminates the need to make up heads, phase tape conductors and set up multiple reels for a pull.

SIMpull Solutions combines:

Southwire’s patented NoLube® SIMpull THHN® cable technology, with either copper or aluminum color conductors.

Southwire’s new, revolutionary SIMpull Headpulling device, a patent pending pulling head that is factory installed and is delivered attached to the cable.

A new SIMpull TruckSM  cable delivery system is available to deliver multiple reels, to allow cable to be pulled without unloading.

Single parallel reels, cut-to-length multiple color conductors all on one reel. There’s only one reel to set up instead of the usual four to five.

Color Conductors make it easy to identify phases, requiring fewer steps and providing a safer installation.

Multiple Customer Service Centers, strategically located across North America, have expansive inventories and service capabilities and are located with-in 24 hours of any job site.

No other wire and cable manufacturer can offer you the benefits of eight Customer Service Centers, covering over 3,000,000 square feet with over 50 years of experience manufacturing, handling, shipping and servicing customers wire and cable product needs.  Start today to be more competitive with local inventories and special services that improve your bottom line. Don’t just “order the wire” for your next job, order  “cost savings and productivity” from Southwire.