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Southwire Launches VR2

New cable design makes vibration resistant cable easy to install

Carrollton, GA - (July 22, 2008) Life just got a little easier for utilities everywhere- especially installers-thanks to the new patent-pending VR2 cable from Southwire. The newest innovation from the industry frontrunner, this advanced new cable design challenges existing vibration resistant cables in everything from design to installation.

VR2 is truly unique: it features a twist that changes with conductor size that still provides the ultimate in aeolian vibration and ice galloping resistance. But VR2 offers something even more revolutionary-it's easier to install.

"This product represents the next generation in vibration-resistant cables," says Stephen Spruell, product development manager at Southwire. Indeed, VR2's patent-pending design offers significantly less opportunity for bagging during installation. It represents an easy solution for utility engineers, contractors, installers, and distributors-especially in the Midwest, where wind-loading, ice-loading and conductor galloping are frequent challenges. "VR2 delivers the performance you need while offering the easiest installation vibration-resistant cable on the market today."

Visit www.southwire.com/transmission/VR2 to learn more. Southwire VR2. It's that easy.

About Southwire

A technology leader for over 55 years, Southwire Company is the leading wire and cable producer in North America. Southwire manufactures utility cable products including overhead and underground transmission and distribution cable, building wire and cable, industrial power cable, copper and aluminum rod, and continuous-casting rod technology. For more information about Southwire products, services, and technical resources please visit www.southwire.com.