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Overhead Conductor Manual

(Carrollton, Ga. - March 5, 2007) - Southwire Company announced today the availability of an extensively revised Second Edition of their well-known Overhead Conductor Manual. First released in 1994, this book has become a familiar resource for many engineers. This practical desk manual has now been updated to reflect new industry standards and practices.

"The Overhead Conductor Manual is a design reference that consolidates basic information needed to evaluate the design, construction, uprating, and upgrading of overhead transmission and distribution systems." says Ridley Thrash, Southwire chief engineer for overhead conductors. "We have updated the new edition to reflect current industry practices and changes in the National Electrical Safety Code and other industry standards."

Here are a few of the changes that are included in the Second Edition: New material on steel-supported conductors includes High-Temperature, Low-Sag (HTLS) designs. New information on ice and wind loading reflects changes in the National Electrical Safety Code. A new Visual Basic program calculates ampacity in accordance with current IEEE standards. The software comes on a CD packaged with the book.
"The Overhead Conductor Manual is a guide or road map for use in designing transmission and distribution lines. It is not a substitute for good engineering practices," says Thrash. "It must be used in conjunction with applicable local, state and federal codes and design standards, some of which may supersede recommendations in the manual."


    Introduction to basic overhead conductor concepts, including overviews of electrical and mechanical characteristics
    Sag and tension concepts and calculations
    Basic installation considerations
    Thermal ratings of overhead conductors in steady-state and transient conditions
    Mechanical effects of operating temperatures
    Environmental effects, including radio noise, audible noise, and electrical and magnetic fields
    Design of new transmission lines
    Voltage upgrading of existing lines
    Thermal uprating of existing lines

Southwire is North America's largest building wire manufacturer and one of the world's leading wire and cable producers. The Company's products include copper and aluminum rod, building wire and cable; utility cable products, bare overhead conductor, industrial power cable and flexible power cord. Southwire is the expert on continuous-casting rod systems. Over 80 copper and aluminum SCR rod systems have been sold around the world.