/images/buttons/swirl_60.jpg/images/horizontal-scroller/romex_simpull_scroller_120x107.jpgRomex® SIMpull® Cableromex-simpull-cable.htmRomex® SIMpull® residential building wire is preferred over that of traditional NM. Romex® SIMpull® is more than 50 percent easier to pull through walls and floor joists.
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Romex® SIMpull® Cable

With the Real Romex®, Pulling is Believing

At Southwire, we're committed to making things easier, both for our customers and those they serve. That's why when we asked you, "How do you improve NMD90?" we listened and found the answer to be quite simple.

Romex SIMpull® cable is the culmination of extensive lab testing and field research conducted through Southwire's D.B. Cofer Technology Center, one of the world's leading centers for wire and cable technology. In the beginning, our goal was to simply improve NMD90 usage by making it easier to pull without raising distribution costs. Where we ended is a revolutionary new grade of NMD90. It pulls 50% easier, is tear resistant, reduces burn-thru and strips easier.

Southwire continues to apply SIM Technology® to commercial and industrial building wire and cable.

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