/images/buttons/swirl_60.jpg/images/ResiRenovationsMainImage3.jpgRenovations / Repairrenovations-repair.htmWhen it comes to renovations and repairs, Southwire is here to help. Whatever your wire and cable needs, Southwire’s got you covered.
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Renovations / Repair

When it comes to residential renovations and repair, Southwire has the products to help make your job easier and your customers happy. Romex® SIMpull® cable, with patent pending SIM Technology®, is more than 50 percent easier to pull though walls and floor joists, and around corners. With no need for lube, it is the cleaner, faster choice for fishing cable through walls. It’s no wonder installers prefer it over that of traditional NMD90. Are you looking for AC products? Whether it’s a hi-rise structure or some other residential project, we offer a full line of AC products to match what your customer may already have installed.

CEC and local codes must be followed. Please contact a licensed electrical contractor in your area