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  • Type SE, Style R and Type SE, Style U
  • Service Entrance Cable
  • 600 Volt
  • AlumaFlex™ Aluminum Alloy (AA-8176) Conductors
  • Individual Conductors Rated XHHW-2 or TYPE THWN
  • AlumaFlex™ Aluminum Alloy Neutral
  • Sunlight Resistant
  • Jacket and Individual Conductors


  • Southwire Type SE, service entrance cable is used to convey power from the service drop to the meter base and from the meter base to the distribution panelboard; however, it may be used in all applications where Type SE cable is permitted.
  • SE cable may be used in wet or dry locations at temperatures not to exceed 90°C.
  • Voltage rating is 600 volts.