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OEM Welcome


Hello, I’m Winn Wise, senior vice president and president of Southwire’s OEM Division. I welcome you to our OEM Division portion of the web. In it, I hope you will find the information you need.

To start, I’d like to share our 5 key goals with you:

  • Being the best in the world at producing, marketing, and servicing products that deliver power, and by so doing lead our industry;
  • Succeed by helping our customers succeed;
  • Offer the best services, best products and best prices to our customers;
  • Believing in all of our nearly 4,000 business people, each of whom plays a key role in keeping our company successful;
    Continuing to build the legacy that defines our family company.

Within this vision, Southwire’s OEM Division provides a full range of wire and cable, copper rod, aluminum rod and supply chain solutions to manufacturing companies in a wide range of industries including:

  • Wind Power
  • Solar Power
  • Automotive
  • Telecommunications
  • Heating and Air-conditioning Equipment
  • Lighting
  • Power Distribution and Control
  • Home Appliance
  • Industrial Equipment (motors, transformers)
  • Submersible Water Pumping Equipment

Southwire’s OEM Division is a major supplier to the OEM market.  We provide customized products and packaging – most anything you need.  We offer everything from the largest product variety to packaging options that meet your special requirements.  Also, we provide custom products.  Southwire OEM is the fastest growing supplier to both commercial and industrial manufacturers.

And with nine distribution centers located across the country, Southwire has the capability to provide all of your wire and cable OEM needs in one delivery resulting in savings of time and money. These distribution centers can stock your items and are strategically located to ensure fast and on-time delivery of a full range of wire and cable products to anywhere in North America.

The one clear difference in choosing Southwire as your supplier is that we have a proven ability to understand your business goals in depth and to develop customized supply chain solutions to fit your needs. Our aim is to reduce your costs, improve the quality of your finished goods and enhance the delivery of your products to your customers.

In essence our job is to make your job easier.