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SAG10 Software - Now a Part of the Southwire Family

Southwire offers Sag and Tension Software
SAG10 software now gains Southwire Reliability and Expertise

Engineers who have come to count on Southwire's reliability and expertise can now look forward to the release of the recognized industry standard software for sag and tension calculations under the Southwire name. Southwire SAG10 - a sophisticated and user-friendly Windows-based application - contains reliable, proven data that has been the basis for sag and tension calculation in the industry for more than 80 years.

"We are tremendously proud to bring SAG10 into the Southwire family of technical offerings for engineers," noted Charlie Murrah, President of Southwire's Energy Division. "Southwire has always been committed to finding new methods and tools to help our customers deliver power and the launch of Southwire SAG10 further demonstrates our commitment to our ever-changing industry."

Southwire, who purchased SAG10 from AFL Telecommunications, has de-bugged and corrected glitches in the software, updated the screens to make the interface more user-friendly and is offering free upgrades of this improved version (v3.10) to users of 3.0 and higher. SAG10 is yet another technical resource that Southwire provides to customers that accesses a wealth of data, technical knowledge and engineering know-how.

Southwire SAG10 is attractive to engineers due to its ease of use, the speed with which sag and tension calculations can be rendered, and the tremendous value the software brings to the sag and tension aspects of line design.

"This is a powerful and more user-friendly tool that allows engineers to quickly and easily assess their sag and tension options," notes Southwire Senior Product Engineer, Mark Lancaster. "Engineers face many challenges as they attempt to maximize the use of new and existing lines. This is forcing them to think and design in new ways, with new conductors, new sizes and to even tighter design criteria," said Lancaster. For more information on Southwire SAG10, visit http://www.sag10.com/.

About Southwire

A technology leader for over 55 years, Southwire Company is the leading wire and cable producer in North America. Southwire manufactures utility cable products including overhead and underground transmission and distribution cable, building wire and cable, industrial power cable, copper and aluminum rod, and continuous-casting rod technology. For more information about Southwire products, services, and technical resources please visit http://www.southwire.com/.