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Southwire's Ultra High Strength Core HS285® Sets the Standard

Carrollton, Georgia (May 28, 2009) - ASTM International recently published two new standards for high-strength steel transmission conductors: ASTM B957 – 08 and ASTM B958 – 08.*

These standards are an effort by the ASTM’s voluntary standards development organization to create a benchmark by which aluminum-conductor, steel-supported (ACSS) transmission conductors with ultra high strength (UHS) cores should be manufactured and installed. These standards ensure a high level of product quality, consistency, and performance throughout the utility industry.

Southwire’s Mark Lancaster, manager of overhead transmission engineering, is vice-chairman of the ASTM B01 committee that developed the new standards. "Southwire has offered an ultra high strength steel core product – HS285 – for several years," Lancaster says. "When the committee wanted to develop a standard for UHS ACSS conductors, we looked directly to HS285 as the model."

Utilities today require transmission lines with higher capacity and lower line loss. Ultra high strength steel conductors like Southwire’s HS285 offer an advanced core technology that delivers just such benefits. "Southwire’s HS285 delivers approximately the same strength and installation tensions as traditional ACSR, but with much less sag under high temperatures," states Lancaster. "It also allows utilities to push the limits of their line design and deliver more capacity without the hefty price tag of the alternative conductors. It’s also a perfect fit for reconductoring projects where line design can’t be changed. And now, it’s even a standard-bearer for the ASTM."

To learn more about Southwire’s HS285, visit www.southwire.com/hs285.  To learn more about the ASTM standards, visit http://www.astm.org/.

*ASTM B957 – 08 is titled ‘Standard Specification for Extra-High-Strength and Ultra-High-Strength Zinc-Coated (Galvanized) Steel Core Wire for Overhead Electrical Conductors’ and ASTM B958 – 08 is titled ‘Standard Specification for Extra-High-Strength and Ultra-High-Strength Class A Zinc–5% Aluminum-Mischmetal Alloy-Coated Steel Core Wire for Use in Overhead Electrical Conductors.’

About Southwire:

A technology leader for over 55 years, Southwire Company is the leading wire and cable producer in North America. Southwire manufactures utility cable products including overhead and underground transmission and distribution cable, building wire and cable, industrial power cable, copper and aluminum rod, and continuous-casting rod technology. For more information about Southwire products, services, and technical resources please visit http://www.southwire.com/.

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