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Southwire® SIMpull Stack™ Reel named Wire & Cable Product of the Year by Electrical Construction & Maintenance Magazine

(Carrollton, GA – April 27, 2011) – Southwire’s SIMpull Stack™ reel has been named the wire and cable Product of the Year by Electrical Construction & Maintenance magazine. This marks the second straight year – and the third time in five years – that one of Southwire’s SIMpull Solutions™ products and services has received such an honor from the magazine.  This latest accolade was the result of a vote by contractors who found the SIMpull Stack™ reel saved them time and improved job site productivity.

The patent-pending SIMpull Stack™ reel combines multiple pulls on one single reel, with up to six conductors for up to five pulls, depending on the size of the cable and length of the pull. The reel features cut lengths of colored cables paralleled on a single reel, separated by stretch wrap and combined on one reel in the order of the customer’s needed pulls. Each pull is labeled and has Southwire’s SIMpull Head® pulling grips – a Product of the Year in 2010 – installed.

On a construction job in Sandestin, Florida, several Coltin Electric installers found that, when using a SIMpull Stack™ reel, they needed fewer workers to do certain jobs that used to require several workers, thus saving time and freeing up crews to work on other parts of the project.1

“Basically, we’re going to pull two, 315 foot runs, in less than an hour, with two guys.  I’m not sure how to beat that.  I know an estimator has got to be happy with that,” Kenneth Haugen of Coltin Electric said in this video.2

The SIMpull Stack™ reel is a part of Southwire’s SIMpull Solutions™ products and services, a revolutionary combination of wiring, materials, equipment and services.  Last year, Southwire’s SIMpull Head® pulling grips were selected as the top product in EC&M’s tools & accessories category. The grips are installed in the factory by Southwire and are guaranteed not to pull off during installation. The low-profile grip features a staggered design to assure that conductors can easily be pulled through the conduit. Making up pulling heads manually in the field takes an estimated 55 minutes for each head, according to contractor interviews and time studies, and wastes three feet or more of cable for every circuit.

In 2008, Southwire also won an EC&M Product of the Year award for its SIMpull THHN® cable– the industry’s first commercial cable product that could be pulled into conduit without external pulling lubricant. With its patented SIM Technology®, SIMpull THHN® cable helps contractors speed up installation time, create a safer work environment, and move on to the next job more quickly.

“SIMpull Solutions™ [products and services] are more than wire – they’re a start-to-finish installation process that can be customized for jobs from the small to the super-sized,” said Stuart Thorn, Southwire’s President and CEO. “It’s safer, faster, smarter and streamlined.”

To learn more about the SIMpull Stack™ reel, please visit http://www.southwire.com/commercial/simpullSimpleInstall.htm.

1 , 2 These testimonials are based solely on the experiences of certain cable installers who used the SIMpull Stack™ reel in connection with a specific project application. Results experienced by other SIMpull Stack™ reel users may vary based on relevant variables including, without limitation, installer output and productivity, project size, project type and environmental conditions.

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