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Today's Aluminum

Aluminum:  An Attractive Alternative
Southwire revolutionized the world of aluminum in 1968.  Southwire was the first to develop and patent aluminum alloy AA-8176, the first AA-8000 series aluminum alloy for all aluminum conductors used inside buildings.  Southwire’s AlumaFlex® has been installed ever since and has always been manufactured to the highest quality of 8000 Series aluminum alloy.  Today, with a proven track record of over 40 years, aluminum building wire is just as safe and just as reliable as copper.


Southwire’s AA-8000 series aluminum conductors are fully compliant with NEC® requirements and are UL listed to assure their safe use. Southwire’s AlumaFlex® with triple e® Aluminum Alloy has always met these standards. The conductors are easy to install because we oven anneal the conductors to assure flexibility. No other manufacturer matches the proven history of our product. Used with today’s UL listed aluminum connectors, aluminum building wire products provide a safe and reliable electrical system.