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At Southwire, we're serious about environmental stewardship, both through our company's actions and through the products we provide our customers. We've worked hard over the past few years to reduce waste and emissions from our manufacturing process and are just as committed to helping our customers reduce the environmental impact of their operations. That's why we're particularly proud to introduce EFC Envirotect® cable - the first in what will be a complete family of environmentally friendly cables (EFC).

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EFC Envirotect® is the first industrial medium voltage power cable (available in both copper and aluminum) that does not contain lead in its EPR insulation. We want electrical contractors and their customers to rest easy, knowing their choice in materials is helping protect their environment. And, you can feel confident knowing EFC Envirotect® has met AEIC requirements following the year-long CS-8 qualification testing process. So, be eco-wise and look for the white color EPR insulation in the EFC Envirotect® cable indicating it contains no lead (traditional EPR insulation is red). Lead-free EFC Envirotect® power cables are designed for use in a wide range of applications, including hospitals, educational facilities, data centers, and government, industrial and power generation facilities. You have the freedom to choose, so be eco-smart and choose Southwire's EFC Envirotect® cable. No red means no lead.