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PowerGlide® 600V UD

There’s an easier way to install multi-conductor service entrance cable in HDPE or PVC conduit systems that’s cleaner, and more cost-effective than traditional cable with lube – it’s Southwire’s new patent-pending PowerGlide® 600V UD.
This new product reduces the cable surface area that touches the conduit wall by using Glide Wire Technology - thus reducing friction and the need for messy lube - and providing easier installations.PowerGlide® 600V UD allows you to have longer pushes with less effort – up to 200 feet or more by hand in some cases! This, along with the smaller ducts that are required, means lower up-front installation costs, lower labor costs, and easier cable upgrades later. What’s not to love? It’s just another Southwire exclusive to help you get the job done more efficiently.