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DensFlex™ MV - What Happens When We Think Small

Southwire is advancing the most compact solutions. DensFlexTM MV is Southwire’s compact solution for cable replacement in aging urban environments. Ideal for PILC replacements, DensFlex MV is specifically engineered to meet your needs. Usher in modern cable technology to your existing duct infrastructure with increased efficiencies and lower losses.

The compact conductor construction designed for small duct applications minimizes airspace between conductor strands, producing a diameter that is 9-10% less than that of standard concentric round conductor construction. DensFlex MV balances flexibility with durability so it can easily navigate debris filled ducts without damaging the cable during installation. Since no special installation tools are needed and longer runs result in fewer splices, DensFlex MV helps keep installation costs down.

DensFlexTM MV – What Happens When We Think Small