/images/buttons/swirl_60.jpg/images/CoilPAK_ICON.fw.pngSIMpull CoilPAK™2086.htmOur revolutionary SIMpull CoilPAK™ payoff completes the SIMpull™ Circuit Management System, making your entire circuit wire installation safer, more productive and ultimately more profitable.
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SIMpull CoilPAK™

The SIMpull® CoilPAK™ payoff completes the SIMpull Circuit Management System, taking heavy, cumbersome spools out of the process for good. By themselves, each of these innovative components can help improve your productivity. But when used together, they combine to help provide a significant impact on the time, margins and labor associated with all of your circuit pulls. SEE HOW IN THIS VIDEO!

GRAB it.
Whether you choose 14-, 12- or 10-gauge wire, each SIMpull CoilPAK payoff is ergonomically designed and weighs under 50 lbs., making it easier–and safer–to transport throughout the jobsite.

CART it.
The SIMpull CoilPAK Cart is designed to hold up to 8 SIMpull CoilPAK payoffs, for easy pulling, transporting and storage.

PULL it.
Or push it. Either way, the SIMpull CoilPAK payoff will make for a safer, easier, more efficient installation. After all, the SIMpull CoilPAK payoff and the SIMpull Barrel™ wire drum are the only products in the industry that feature circuit-sized NoLube® SIMpull T90® wire. And the unique SPOOL-PROOF™ design of the SIMpull CoilPAK payoff means you’re only pulling the weight of the wire, not the weight of an entire spool. So it does wonders for your back as well as your productivity.

The unique nesting design of the SIMpull CoilPAK payoff makes it easy to stack several high on the floor, either for storage or pulling. No payoff system is required.

LIFT it.
The SIMpull CoilPAK payoff's tangle-free design and easily stackable construction eliminate the need for setup. Just drop and pull from just about anywhere, even straight off of a lift.

PAIR it.
As part of the SIMpull Circuit Management System, the SIMpull CoilPAK payoff can also work as a seamless complement to the SIMpull Barrel wire drum, adding a new level of flexibility to all circuit wire installations.

With its inertia-free pulling design and easy portability, the SIMpull CoilPAK payoff completely revolutionizes how you install branch circuit wires. It’s now as easy as stop, drop and pull.